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Samurai Gunn is a local competitive 2-4 player "Bushido brawler" for the PC. It is also scheduled to come out for Mac and the PS4 in 2014. Each player starts every match with a sword and a gun with three bullets per life and wins either through killing all of his or her opponents or garnering the most kills within a certain amount of time, depending on the game mode.


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DesignerBeau Blyth
Release DateDecember 10th 2013
GenresBrawler, Platformer
ModesSingle, Multiplayer


Samurai Gunn is a fast-paced brawler that relies heavily on reflexes and reaction time. Each player is armed with a sword and a gun, with three bullets per life. Landing a hit with either the sword or the gun results in instant death. Both may be parried by an opponent's sword, adding a reflex-based defensive element to the game.